Friday, October 05, 2007

The manly hug

"Later that night, during the scrimmage, we were happy with laughter watching a group of frat dudes on the sidelines. Each time a new frat dude would come up to the group, they'd all give him the Manly Hug.

You know the Manly Hug, right? It's more than a handshake, but not quite an embrace.

My generation totally missed out on this maneuver. From what I could tell, you start out with a hand clasp like you're going to arm wrestle, then you pull your arm to your chest, thus drawing yourselves together, but keeping that all-important double arm width between you. At the same time, you carefully put your free arm around the other person's back, make a fist, and gently pound them between the shoulder blades. Then you quickly release and back away from the person, before anything more should happen. This can be followed by grunting, checking of cell phones, and discussion of home brews.

This is the kind of stuff that makes me feel old. Seriously, if you want to give a friend a hug, then give him a big ol' bear hug. Why goof it all up with the posturing?"

This description made me laugh. heh. Akin to the air kiss.

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