Wednesday, November 01, 2006

the one about the weddings

I received 2 wedding cards a few weeks ago.
November weddings. One With autumn themes and orange hues with little cartoon doodles. The other with disfigured hearts dangling from a string.

The designer in me scrutinized the layout and the medium and discussed with the other designers what printing method was used and which paper grades and type would be best for our own wedding cards. Well, not like i'm getting married anytime in the near future ... but it's just something to think about.

But i think, i'll just do away with wedding cards and i suppose i dun need the added stress of planning the whole wedding and trying to figure if i want Lillies of Daisies.
Or if i should have a tube dress or a halter neck one?
Do I wanna arrive in a Beetle or on a Vespa?
Hrmm. Leather or lace?
*whoa!* lets not get carried away.

I'll just elope and come back one fine day saying "Mom, Dad.... meet my husband!" *big big grin*

Cause after all, it ain't about the deco and flowers or the dress. Its a union of two souls, brought together for the greater good of mankind, which is to multiply and spread the love and fill the world with more hugs and kisses.

GWAD, that ending was so darn lame.
But owh well! Here's to the happy couples! CHEERS!

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